Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Start in Blogging...

While searching for blogs this week to get some inspiration for my own blog, I found three that are very intriguing for me as a 4th grade teacher.  In my case, I am looking to get more information on Next Generation Learning because of the strong push by our school district to start incorporating Next Generation Learning into our classrooms.  While searching for Next Generation Learning Blogs, I found three that are fantastic and look forward to reading their blogs on a regular basis.  One is Google Plus page for a group called Bright Wave Group.  I found their company very intriguing.   They are a Next Generation Learning group providing resources for Instructional Design in the business/corporate setting not the educational setting.  Here is the link to their blog postings:  I look forward to getting some insight on Next Generation Learning from people outside of the educational field.  It will be nice to get strategies from people who are not classroom teachers, but are still teaching information to people. 
            Another blog I found about Next Generation Learning is from a group called Educational Elements.  They have a fantastic blog about Blended Learning, Next Generation Learning and other new styles of teaching.  Here is the link to their blog postings:
I am excited to get information from this blog because of the Blended Learning classroom I am using right now.  There are many ways to blend a learning environment and look forward to getting the latest news and strategies in this field. 
            My final blog I found about Next Generation Learning is from an organization called Next Generation Schools.  Their blog seems to be very informative on how schools from around the country are incorporating Next Generation Learning.  Here is the link to their blog:
This group is based in Wisconsin and I am looking forward to getting information from another group of education professionals on the topic of Next Generation Learning. 
Finally, I wanted to get some information on just teaching 4th grade in general.  For the past five years, I taught 3rd grade and currently in my first year of teaching 4th grade.  I wanted to find some information and guidance on what other 4th grade teachers are doing around the country.  I searched for a while and found one blogging community called Teaching Blog Addict.  Within this community, it is divided out to each individual grade level.  Here is the link to the 4th grade page:
It will be nice to get some ideas and strategies from other 4th grade teachers who have more experience that I do in the grade level.  I also look forward to contributing to this group. 

            Overall, I am excited to start this new journey of blogging and creating my own professional development opportunities on a regular basis!  

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